A city ruled by crime, the government wants it cleaned up... this can't be good.
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 Another Average Day

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PostSubject: Another Average Day   Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:23 pm

Commander Shawn Booth was driving in his Chevy Tahoe on a routine quiet patrol, since it was a rich district he expected it to be pretty quiet, however since it was 11:30pm some people were up to no good, he saw someone jump a fence and decided to investigate further. He called over the radio:

Commander Booth 22705, to operations
Dispatch replies Go ahead Booth
Booth Replies I have one possibly attempting a residential burglary, request another unit or two
Dispatch replied Any units in the area of 22705?
Unit 22630 replied we're 2 minutes out
Booth replied Ok 10-4 I'm going to see if I can get a visual
Unit 22630 replied 10-4

Booth went and jumped over the fence and drew his firearm, so far no visual, he continues to walk on the side of the house until it ends, still clear, just as booth turns the corner, the perp hit booth in the face with a rock, and Booth fell to the ground dropping his gun. Still conscience, booth kicked the perp in the leg and the perp also fell. Booth radioed the other units to hurry up and he fought with the suspect until he turned him over. Booth grabbed his cuffs and put the handcuffs on the right hand, while struggling to get his other hand behind his back. Since booth is extremely strong, he managed to get his other hand and arrest him. Booth replied over the radio "One in custody, but he might need an ambulance, the other units can slow down". Booth brought the perp to his feet when someone in the home, shot at them. Home Owner said:
"Get on the ground, before you get shot"
Booth replied "Federal agent, drop your gun before I shoot you"
Home owner replied: "Okay, okay, I didn't know you were the police"
Booth replied: "Alright walk towards me, shut up and get on the fucking ground NOW!!"
Home owner followed the directions
Booth cuffed the home owner and the units finally showed up.
Booth brought the perp to the car and advised him of his rights and then questioned him.

Booth: Whats your name?
Perp: James smith
Booth: Alright james, what were you doing in that yard?
Perp: I'm homeless, I was going to sleep under their tree like usual
Booth: How old are you?
Perp: 15
Booth: Your 15? Where are your parents?
Perp: Who Cares, they just get high and left me to fend for myself.
Booth: Alright, did they kick you out?
Perp: Yea, they kicked me out because I had no money.
Booth: Alright where do you live, so I can investigate this?

Perp tells booth the address and the perp went to the station until booth arrived later, meanwhile booth heads to the parents with another unit.

Booth knocks on door.
Dad: Who is it?
Booth: Federal agents
Dad opens door, What do you want?
Booth: Do you have any kids?
Dad: Thats none of your business
Booth gets mad, and says Sir, turn around and put your hand behind your back before I hurt you
Dad: Hurt me then
Booth grabs dad by the shirt, and throws him to the ground, turns him over and puts him in handcuffs
Booth: I gave you fair warning (hands dad to other agent and moves in house to search it)
Booth: Federal Agents if anyone is in here, show yourself so you don't get shot
Mom: Please don't shoot
Booth: Mam show yourself
Mom shows herself and Booth puts her in handcuffs then questions her
Booth: Mam do you have a son?
Mom: Yes, why?
Booth: We arrested him and he's only 15
Mom: Arrested him? For what?
Booth: Trespassing and why do you care?
Mom: He's my son
Booth: You kicked him out, what mother does that?
Mom: What are you talking about? He ran away
Booth: Well, do you give me consent to search your house?
Mom: For what?
Booth: Drugs
Mom: We don't do drugs here agent
Booth: well james says different
Mom: No you can't
Booth: Well to bad, I have a warrant, I was just being polite
Mom: Then tear it apart
Booth yells to agent, Agent come take Mrs. smith, read her her rights and tell her what shes being charged for.
Booth searches house and finds a lot of drugs and a lot of money

He charged the mom with Possession of drugs with intent, Child neglect
He charged the dad with Possession of drugs with intent, Child neglect, and Resisting arrest
The homeowner was released without charge and agreed not to charge the perp for trespassing
However the perp was charged with assault on a federal officer, and possession of a firearm which was later found on him during a search at the station.

Case Closed Finally.
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Another Average Day
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