A city ruled by crime, the government wants it cleaned up... this can't be good.
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 High Speed Pursuit

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PostSubject: High Speed Pursuit   Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:04 am

Josh was driving down the highway in his cruiser. While he was driving he saw a large group of motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic and cutting people off. Josh drove closer to them to monitor the situation and hope that they would see his police lights on top of his car and stop driving so recklessly. One of the motorcyclists looked behind him and saw the cruiser. He let go of the handlebars with one of his hands and put them into his pocket. He quickly pulled his and out and with it a revolver. He then fired at Josh. "Jesus!" Josh yelled. as he ducked down and swerved his car. He turned on his lights and sirens and called in for backup. "This is Josh Samwell with the TRU. I need backup on the highway going southbound. Code 3 pursuit in progress, be advised, shots fired, repeat, shots fired!" Josh dropped back but kept the motorcyclists in his view and waiting for any units to respond.
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PostSubject: Code 3 pursuit   Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:57 pm

Agent booth then joined the chase, which lasts well over 2 hours. "We need a roadblock, and have a full tactical team there ready to shoot, if necessary" Booth said over the radio. One motorcyclist pulled over as he ran out of gas and booth pulled back to arrest him. Booth pulled over shut his siren off, opened his door, and yelled to the driver "Step off the motorcycle and show me your hands now", the motorcyclist got off the bike and just walked away. Booth followed put his weapon away and ran up to him and jumped on his back on to the pavement below. Booth pulled his service weapon out and put it to the motorcyclists neck "Give up mother fucker before i paralyze you", motorcyclist put his hands behind his back and was placed under arrest. He placed the suspect in the back of his truck and continued back to the pursuit in progress code 3.
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High Speed Pursuit
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